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Mountain Lake Reflection

How Do We


Crew 360 is a Venturing Crew that thoroughly enjoys all aspects of the Venturing Program. Based in San Antonio, Texas we often find ourselves bound towards events in our council, and camping elsewhere. As Venture scouts all of our events are youth led and planned, with adults there to act as advisors along the way. This website is a brief introduction of who we are, and some of the things we like to do. All of these events we hold are open to visitors 13 and older, and we would love to have you tag along!

This main page showcases some of our photographs from events, but if you would like to see more fun photos, please visit the Adventure tab!

Our Program

Currently our program consists of some annual events, monthly programs put up by our council, and spontaneous fishing, hiking, climbing, service, and shooting events. We hold meetings every Tuesday from 8:30-9:30 to plan future events and get prepared for them with activities.

Oftentimes during Summer we like to participate in scouting's high adventure programs and plan some road trips to and from the bases. During this time we reduce meetings to every other week, due to the large absence of most of our members.

Pictured below we have our annual beach campout, a bouldering event, and our annual Wilderness Survival campout which takes place in the Winter. To learn more about some of the fun things we do, visit a crew meeting and we can tell you what's coming up soon!

No upcoming events at the moment
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